POD Impressions

A good friend of mine gave me a Line 6 POD and FloorBoard controller a while ago but I havent had a power adaptor to use it. But I was able to get a new european one last week so all is ready. I’m not able to ship my pedals or amps from Australia just yet but need a good sounding live rig, so for my band situation at C3 Church Hanau it will be a very handy alternative.

Even though I’m always skeptical of ‘fake’ guitar sounds, I will admit to using Guitar Rig 4 plugins at different times for demos. But apart from that I like analogue, valve, quality and volume. Even auditioning a POD was feeling like accepting a lower level of standard, but in the real world you still need to get things done and music is always real even if the effects are not real per se. It’s also worth noting that this is an original version 1 POD with all the specs of the POD 2.0. I don’t know if it was manufactured like this or if it was updated somewhere along the line, but for all intensive purposes it’s a POD 2 in version 1 clothing.

After spending a few hours here and there I have been able to build up some sound patches that I’m quite happy with. I have a nice Fender DeVille sounding patch doing the cranked up breaking clean style sound, a nice Marshally clean sound once again with some dirt like its being pushed, another Marshall style amp nicely overdriven and a Laney style lead tone.

This is just a quick post to express my opinion that this stuff is worth checking out, especially for recording. I think it gives some very genuine and natural sounds. Of course I do need to post some sound clips for this to be of any real value for others, and they are coming as soon as I get my hands on an interface for my lappy. Then you can decide for yourself!

A quick look while I practice for our Christmas production:


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