OSX Lion, The Axe, And The Wardrobe

I just had a fancy idea. A problem that I face with playing guitar for the fun of it is that I usually don’t have much time. Even 10mins is better than no guitar for 2 weeks at a time. But living in an apartment means there’s no space to leave even my POD set up. So if I want to play for 10 minutes I need to allow for 20 minutes to set up and pack up. And usually 10 minutes playing time turns into 20 anyway. Then I’m late for whatever it was.

I noticed that if I moved my boots and shoved my ties to one side of my wardrobe, there is just enough space for a MacBook, Focusrite audio interface and a set of headphones; all of which I happen to have.

Now all I do is boot up the lappy, load up Ableton Live with Guitar Rig 4 and plug in dear SG. Ideal for practice and laying down ideas real quick.

Now I need only 11 minutes to play for 10.


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