Guitar Rig 4 – JCM 800

I was messing around in my new closet rig tonight, finally learned me a cool song by brilliant Aussie band The Butterfly Effect. The guitarist Kurt Goedhart uses Marshall JCM 800’s for just about everything I think, so I dialed up a nice 800 sound in Guitar Rig and played along.

Once I got it under my fingers I recorded it to a metronome to start getting some fitness and accuracy back into my playing. It’s been a quite a few months since I’ve had any regular and focused practice and almost 2 years since I’ve done any real recording. So I recommend for anyone out there feeling a but rusty like I do right now, set up some kind of practice rig, use a metronome and record yourself. It will fast track you to studio fitness.

You can tell Im still rusty in the recording but thought I would post it anyway so you could hear what Guitar Rig 4 can do. Im stoked on the amount of detail and clarity you get and how real it sounds. You can still hear the strings individually when playing complex chords and you are getting plenty of natural sounding overtones even with a good amount of gain on the amp. It’s my stye of tone, heaps of ripping mid-range and not too much gain, the SG loves it. I didnt use any pedal effects here, just the Lead 800 amp and matched cabinet.

Guitar Rig is definitely my fave guitar amp software at the moment. I prefer it to Amplitube both in authenticity of sound (yes, I have played and recorded with a JCM  800) and also for user interface. Maybe one day I will do a proper demo of it. But not tonight, I’m off to bed now 😉

So have a listen and decide for your self. Leave a comment if you feel like it.


5 thoughts on “Guitar Rig 4 – JCM 800

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    1. Yeah same, getting the hiwatt back into action is top priority. I will take it to an amp guy soon and get him to replace the capacitors and check all the components. Then I will re-valve pre and power stages. And then a speaker cab… All money permitting!

  1. hey aaron, sounds nice. i like it! i also like guitar rig.
    hört sich gut an 🙂 i also need a soundcloud account.

  2. Hi
    I’ve listened and like what I heard. Of course your precision may be a little bit off but you have a good groove. Stay in practice and don’t lose it. You sound good.



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