Solder On

Tonight I made my first move into the DIY electronics space. I fixed a broken amp. A mate of mine gave me his old bass amp (it looks quite well looked after actually) a few months ago because it didn’t work. A fair bit of percussive maintenance would bring it back for a few seconds, but then it would inevitably drop out again. Well I have recently bought myself a soldering station, multimeter, and few other little tools that I need to start building and fixing my own gear with some birthday money I got for my 30th. We have a cellar downstairs that I have set up as my work bench. Very humble, but I’m keen to get into the whole electronics/DIY world.

The next purchase (and next post!!) will be a PP-18 guitar amp from But for now, the busted bass amp was a good first step. Check this out:

Effects loop PCB
Effects loop PCB

In the photo you can see the effects loop PCB on the right connected to the rear-facing jack panel PCB on the left, what you cant see is that the solder holding the smaller circuit board to the bigger circuit board have cracked and come loose (known as dry joints) and needed re-soldering.

Testing the amp
Testing the amp

Once I fixed up these joins, success! I have a decent little bass amp now, or even a guitar amp for my POD.

Amp complete and working
Amp complete and working

The amp is a Yamaha Bass Stage 120, made in Italy.


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