Challenge Accepted

The other night Angie and I were sitting around at the end of the day, kiddies in bed, and we were feeling a little weary and uninspired. We had guitars in our hands also. And I was having one of those ‘who cares, Im just gonna quit now’ moods when I asked Ange:

Me: What should I play? I dont want to play anything.
Ange: Play something funky, jazzy. Something cool.
Me: Great. Last thing Im in the mood for 😦

But then I thought I should just go ahead and make something up and I can hate on it, and delete it the next day. So spent the next 20 minutes messing around with some chords, recorded a little ditty with my SG into Ardour on my laptop and decided to wait till another day to delete it.

The following night we had time again to practice and I decided to play those chords over a drum beat I had already made in Hydrogen, and then record a bass line to it. I was in a much better mood and wanted to play some bass also.

The end result is cool for me because it’s reasonably musical, makes sense, and I don’t hate it. And because I didn’t judge myself too harshly and delete instantly, I have a little groove that I can bring to a jam session when we need something to do, and something I can practice soloing over when I need a change of (musical) scenery.

Also it lead to the opportunity to try the mastering software ‘Jamin’ I have read about. So what you hear is my attempt at using Jamin with some 3 band compression and EQ adjustments. Its pretty cool even just to get your track up to 0DB (get some loudness) so it doesn’t sound like a quiet little mix someone randomly exported someday and then forgot about.

I also found the challenge fun. Do something you don’t normally do, and DO IT. Who cares if it sucks, it probably will. Like mine! This could have been recorded much better with a little more time and effort. And with the influence of a good song writer we could make a whole track out of it, and with the right producer, a hit song, then with the right manager we could all get rich and fly first class whenever we take a plane. Obviously too much effort, so the point is – let it suck and it probably won’t be that bad. And you get more experience and have more fun that way!!! And don’t let yourself go the route of a perfectionist or you’ll never get anything done. I like to think “Perfectionism” is like Santa: You just grow out of believing after a while.

Junk Jam 01

The Jamin mastering software
The Jamin mastering software

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