Love Mornings – how to guarantee yourself a good day

As life gets busier and more diverse, it can be tricky to find time to do something that used to be so straight-forward and enjoyable, like listening to music. So I just wanted to share some tips on what I’m doing at the moment, in the hope it gives you some ideas for your time.  Continue reading “Love Mornings – how to guarantee yourself a good day”

Bass Bausatz

For my birthday my wife bought me a bass! The cool thing is that it comes in a DIY kit, not ready built. The hardest things are done for you already like the routing of the body, the neck is already built, the holes are drilled, even the tone controls are soldered together on the scratch plate… The things left to do are to cut the headstock to shape, drill holes for the small screws for the tuners, sand and finish the body, solder the pickups and the ground wire to the tone controls, then screw everything together. Continue reading “Bass Bausatz”

Use Whats Available

Hi all!

Sometimes I am so focused on the gear I don’t have that I can overlook the gear I do, and what the point of even having gear is – to make music. I was reminded again of this when listening to a demo I made with my old band Corban Ablaze. We had a few originals that we were really happy with and wanted to make some basic recordings of them. Continue reading “Use Whats Available”

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