Floor POD Plus+ Demo

The other night I set up 2 Floor PODs for use at church. The idea was to set up 4 amp models and cater for really clean to a really overdriven tones. I used a nice set of Sennheiser headphones, my SG and a mates Strat. Continue reading “Floor POD Plus+ Demo”

OSX Lion, The Axe, And The Wardrobe

I just had a fancy idea. A problem that I face with playing guitar for the fun of it is that I usually don’t have much time. Even 10mins is better than no guitar for 2 weeks at a time. But living in an apartment means there’s no space to leave even my POD set up. So if I want to play for 10 minutes I need to allow for 20 minutes to set up and pack up. And usually 10 minutes playing time turns into 20 anyway. Then I’m late for whatever it was.

Continue reading “OSX Lion, The Axe, And The Wardrobe”

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