Santa Rocks

Today is Christmas day and Santa knew that I needed a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface. Cheers Santa. This is a cool USB powered interface with 2 channels, phantom power, direct monitoring and apparently high quality preamps. Well I have only just opened it, loaded up the included Abelton Live install (which I have never used either) and recorded these couple of tracks for the fun of it and thought I would share them with you. I will do a proper review of it when I know what Im talking about. For now it was also a good way to show you a low gain sound and high gain sound from the POD which I talked about in a previous post, but never showed you how it sounded. I have to say Im impressed with the amount of ‘noise’ and overtones that the POD conveys. The overdrive sounds quite natural and you can hear the speakers, as if someones really has positioned a mic right in the sweet spot of the cone. It’s amazing how far emulation has come. And like I also said in an earlier post, I use this thing live now. The foot controller is a must. But the POD really sounds good through a PA as well as through a desk.

More sound clips will be posted in the future, but for now here’s a little listen to some unpolished and rusty musings from my current SG – POD – Focusrite – Mac Pro rig. Enjoy.

Brit Classic Amp

Mesa Amp


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  1. Nice Aaron. I like the first sound. It has a melancholy, dry sound that brings out a blues tone in me. When you finish with the sound, I would love to put the some words to the music, if you don’t mind. Maybe add a little keyboard to it also.

    The second sound is lively and jumpy. A sound that brings people out of their seats.

    Great job.


  2. Hi, i have heard about the focusrite scarlett 2i2 many times from forums, and a lot of guys says that it has some serious troubles with clipping. Had you some of these bad things too ?

    1. I can see that could be a problem in some cases, its been fine for recording line-level stuff eg. Electric drums or guitar POD. But when I plug my Gibson SG standard in, I either have the gain down almost to nothing to avoid clipping, or switch from ‘instrument’ to ‘line’ mode to get more headroom. I think this could have been better, but for me its not actually a problem.

      1. Maybe if there will be bigger distance between pickups and strings, than it would be better what do u think. However, i find this really great audio interface, those features are totally awesome at the price range, the quality looks also terrific, it is just shame that it has just this one, but big problem for me :/

      2. Changing the height of the pickups on your guitar will change the tone a lot, I definitely wont be doing that because I like how mine is set up. But with the interface gain down low (almost 0) I have no issues plugging my SG straight in and using amp emulation software, so this is fine, not ideal, but no problem. Everything else like mics and other things like electric drums, POD, keyboards etc… no problem at all. And like you said, its a great quality product, built solid and with good components. Its much nicer than the Lexicon Lambda I had. Even the housing is aluminium and the controls feel very solid. And most people including myself seem to agree that the actual sound quality of the Scarlett is very high. So I stand by this little guy completely, but wont be surprised if we see a revised version addressing this clipping issue.

        Have you got one yet? Or are you looking still? I would suggest plugging your guitar(s) into it at a shop and trying it for yourself to see if this is really a problem, if you dont have one yet. It took me a long time of research to find the Scarlett because of price/quality/feature set, and for me its perfect. Everything I need, nothing I dont, and great quality.

  3. Well, first of all, I need to get some cash, now I have some rest from school, and getting some job. After it in a month or two I’m going to buy some of the interface. I think I’ll buy that focusrite and if I’ll not be happy with it I would return the unit to the store. You are right i wouldn’t change my height neither because of that.
    Do you think that Ibanez with two singles and one humbucker would start clipping easier?
    Anyway if it will, I am thinking getting about roland quad capture, which has a lot of great reviews, but also is around one hundred bucks more expensive. It is well built too and offer midi, what could be useful. Well anyway I have a lot of time to think and research! haha

    1. Let us know how you like the focusrite and if you end up buying it or the Roland! As for your question about an ibanez and humbuckers, it just depends on the pickups really, what are they? I have an alnico 5 in the bridge position and it puts out a pretty hot signal. The alnico 2 at neck position doesn’t cause clipping as easily because it doesn’t put out such a strong signal. But yeah, keep us updated!

  4. Yeh sure, but that will be at the end of august at the earliest. I got stock ibanez pickpus, so I think, they shouldnt give out so much signal, but most of time I play it with bridge position. And in the future I’d like to get some esp with emg humbuckers so it really could be a problem. At worst I’ll still can buy myself some DI box 🙂

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