Floor POD Plus+ Demo

The other night I set up 2 Floor PODs for use at church. The idea was to set up 4 amp models and cater for really clean to a really overdriven tones. I used a nice set of Sennheiser headphones, my SG and a mates Strat.


For clean I used the Fender Deluxe amp with just a little compression, and an analog delay.

Not-so-clean but clean-non-the-less

I am using the AC15 model with a tape delay. No compression, and with the pre-gain nice and high for a very edgy, complex clean sound. Its been my favourite amp model so far.


The Marshall plexi is very nice for more rockin’, beefy tones with a digital delay.

More Overdriven

I use the Marshall JCM900 for lead and full-gain tones. Not what I would call ‘metal’ but like I mentioned, this is for church and we dont do metal (unfortunately, but understandably).

Check out some sounds here:


4 thoughts on “Floor POD Plus+ Demo

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  1. Hi,

    It is great to see you having a great time in your own home environment I knew you would get back into what you love doing best when you arrived back home. There is really no place like home. Enjoy it and don’t forget to relax some. Bring some of your warm weather back to Germany when you come back. It is cold over here.
    Great article and I enjoyed the sound.

    Take care.


    1. Hi Aaron! The FloorPOD+ actually has a knob for different delay types (3rd effect knob) and then you can change a few parameters additional to spead and repeats like the amount of ‘effect’ for each delay type with the other knobs. Its pretty easy to figure out once you get your hands on one.

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